Welcome! For ones, wants to live in Harmonies. For one, searches for the ways of Power.

The Magic Pictures, acting upon fine plan, produce the transformation to energy of the thoughts and desires in material realization.
Pictures Themselves radiate the energy, on its composition close to energy Plaschanicy Jesus Hrista (is confirmed by studies).
The Effect from influence of the Picture reveals itself from 1 month before 5 years (depending on difficulties of the puted problems).
Looking at picture unnecessary each days - place her on its worker revenge or bed - a Picture will works. Close by glass is not recommended.

The Energy Pictures restore the harmony in lifes in all directions:
- a reconstruction of health;
- a recovering the success in business;
- a recovering the relations with people (the family, work).
- Also, the Energy Pictures perform the puted purposes, which You can not reach on the strength of some reasons. If Your Purpose does not disagree the law of the God - she will is performed.

For determination what Picture to you it is necessary to draw, is conducted preliminary diagnostics.
For this send your own Surname, Name, Patronymic name, d.o.b., photography.
The Description of the main reason enxiety (if you its known) or what You want to reach.

Also possible individually to orders:
- an energy diagnostics of the organism;
- a recovering the energy balance of the organism;
- a clean, a recovering of slims energies bodies;
- a diagnostics and, if required, clearing the karma;
- an energy change internal organs by healths and youngs (the realization on physical plan - 1,5 - 6 month.).

The unique Tibetian technology of the reconstruction to harmonies, energy and physical condition of the organism on distance it is used. Photography, full name, full d.o.b. it is required.

Energy pictures

If You have an Magic Picture - You have ALL.

The Energy pictures are intended for recovering the harmonies. In this notion enters reconstruction of health, life power, psychological condition, harmonize surrounding world (the people, event, work, consumer).If You strive to spiritual development, opening of their own abilities, that picture helps and in this.
All occur only with Your internal consent and under Your active desire.
If You want to succeed in business - a Picture will help You and in this.
If You want to perfect your household life, if You want to perfect its social position - too possible.
The Practical experience of the using has shown that person, using energy picture daily not less 1 hour for act of concentration on her, as well as putting her near by revenge of the work, hanging her in ntar bed during VWVappear in the dreams - that is to say contacting with her so often as soon as possible, through 3-4 months restores your immunization, is restored health and general psychological condition. The Persons gets busy sport, is actuated functioning(working) the cerebrum, person begins more progressive to think, finds the non-standard decisions of the problems. The Life becomes light and glad, increases the spiritual level, increases capacity to work, grows the success in paperwork.
Possible development over abilities. As a rule, it begins with that that person begins to see the energy, coming from picture.

The Pictures are drawn by oil pastel, after determined period of act of concentration, able trance, when occurs the connection to High Power (the correctly to say - draws High Power). Usually, picture is drawn for concrete person, but there is and the general pictures, which act upon any person, events. At presence of the heavy diseases, is in the first place accented attention on reconstruction of health.
If picture is drawn for success in business, that she creates all condition for achievement of the success.
In picture is concluded certain program, which turns around on axis of time-event.
The Sizes: ~16/21 refer to Effect of the influence of the picture begins to reveal itself through 1-1,5 months approximately.
The Effect of the improvement of the exterior, find inspirations and new interest to lifes, glad perception of the world begin to appear through 8-10 months.

On pictures research was carried out by the New York institute of parapsychology (The PsychoSpiritual Research Institute (PSRI)), also were brought to attention Uri Geller. They have confirmed presence of the Higher Power in these pictures, and also a positive effect of interaction of pictures with the person, harmony creation in the person and world around.


Magic Pictures


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